Singapore forced to re-introduce stricter measures as Covid-19 cases rise

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Singapore has had to re-introduce a number of disease prevention measures in response to a rise in community infections in the city state. TTR Weekly reports that a number of restrictions will be re-applied from today until August 18. Social gatherings are once again being reduced in number, from 5 to 2 people, with officials urging people to limit their gatherings to no more than 2 a day.

Companies must allow employees to work from home where possible and refrain from deploying workers across multiple work locations. Employers must also use flexible working hours and offer different start times for workers who cannot work from home. There is also a ban on social gatherings at work places.

Restaurants, including food courts and hawker centres, can only offer take away or delivery services. There are also limits on indoor exercise, with a ban on “strenuous” individual or group workouts or sports.

In addition, activities which necessitate the removal of face masks, such as singing, facials, saunas, and make-up application services are banned, as is the playing of musical instruments that require the breath to be expelled heavily, as with wind or brass instruments. Medical and dental services that require patients to remove face masks are exempt from the ban.

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The size of events is being reduced, with limits on attendees. Where pre-event testing is required, up to 100 people may attend. That number is halved in the case of events with no testing beforehand. Singers and other performers are not permitted to remove their face masks. Up to 100 people can attend sporting events provided there is pre-event testing in place.

Attractions will need to operate at 25% of their capacity, while indoor and outdoor shows can have 100 attendees if they are tested beforehand. Up to 50 people can attend without being tested.


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