Restroom turnstile linked to hundreds of Covid infections at Pathum Thani market

Field hospital at the Pathum Thani market / Photo via Facebook/ ตลาดสี่มุมเมือง

The turnstile at a public restroom is said to be linked to hundreds of Covid-19 infections at a Pathum Thani produce market, just north of Bangkok. Health officials tested 10,480 vendors and workers at the Simmummuang fruit and vegetable market and say 867 tested positive with many believed to have contracted the virus by inserting coins in the slot and touching the gate before using the public toilets at the market.

The market is sectioned off into 10 zones, with 2 of them closed off following the outbreak while the other 8 zones remain open. A field hospital has been set up in the closed section of the market to house 400 Covid-19 patients. Another field hospital with 400 beds is being set up and planned to open tomorrow.

With most areas of the market still open, Public Health Permanent Secretary Kiatiphum Wongrajit has ordered that the turnstiles at the entrance of the public restrooms be removed and hand sanitiser be placed in the restrooms.

The market is disinfected everyday, Kiatiphum claims. There are now checkpoints at the market’s entrances. People are required to check-in using the Thai Chana mobile app. Vendors must show a certificate confirming that they are Covid-free, he says.


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