Pattaya sets up 3 free Covid-19 testing points to access nightlife

PHOTO: Free Covid-19 testing will be available at least until January 5 at 3 Pattaya locations. (via Flickr/UN Women Asia and the Pacific)

After intensive rules requiring constant Covid-19 testing for Chon Buri restaurants and entertainment venues were announced last night, the Chon Buri Department of Public Health is now helping to ease the burden by setting up 3 free testing points in popular entertainment and nightlife areas. The Chon Buri Governor announced new rules late last night for venues that serve food or alcohol to protect from Covid-19 amid fears of the rapidly spreading Omicron variant.

The strict new regulations demand daily rapid antigen Covid-19 testing for anybody working in any nightlife or entertainment business, especially as many are moonlighting as “restaurants” to skirt restrictions and be able to open and serve alcohol. The requirement includes entertainers, performers, musicians, and any staff working on the premises.

All customers must also present the results of a test taken within 72 hours of patronising a venue. Officials encouraged businesses to set up onsite testing originally. Any venue that is unable or unwilling to comply with the exhaustive testing regimen is required to close immediately and remain closed until restrictions are lifted.

Testing stations will be set up at Tree Town Market on Soi Buakhao, on Soi LK Metro, and at the Walking Street in front of Stones House. The new screening points are active from today to January 5 at least and might be continued beyond that as deemed necessary as the testing decree did not have an expiration date.

Free rapid antigen tests will be offered from 5 pm until late night and will be available for customers wanting to go to nearby businesses but also for the businesses themselves to allow staff to test daily for free. Patrons will be able to take a test and get results allowing them access for 72 hours to the restaurants and venues in the area before needing to retest.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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