Molnupiravir should not be bought online and used, FDA warns

PHOTO: The FDA warns against procuring Molnupiravir through unofficial sources. (via Flickr/Nova Radio MX)

Self-administering the Covid-19 drug Molnupiravir can be dangerous, according to a new warning by the Thai Food a Drug Administration. The FDA announced that people should not purchase Molnupiravir independently and should only take the drug that has been used to treat Covid symptoms after consultation with a doctor or other medical professional who can prescribe proper usage.

The Secretary General of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said they’ve discovered online sales of Molnupiravir and are now investigating websites and other channels that may be selling the pills. They’re fearful that these pills are likely illegally imported from unverified sources and warn that purchasing them online is not recommended. They have moved to prosecute and suspend vendors they found advertising Molnupiravir through social media and online marketplaces and seek to stop these vendors from acquiring the drugs in the first place.

The FDA reassured that anyone infected with Covid will be able to get treatment using Molnupiravir if it is appropriate and that the Ministry of Public Health has a massive stockpile of the pills to treat even a large outbreak of Covid that might warrant its usage. Therefore, there is no need to obtain pills through black markets and back channels where pills purchased may be counterfeit or ill-used.

They advised that anybody who thinks they might need Molnupiravir should first consult with a doctor who can observe their symptoms and prescribe proper treatment following the Department of Medicine 2019 guidelines that outline coronavirus treatment. The pills would then be prescribed and received from public or private hospitals only.

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The Secretary General of the FDA pointed out that Molnupiravir may not be appropriate for all patients and may have a negative effect on people, especially pregnant women. Even if a person qualifies for the drug, they should be closely monitored for side effects or problems.

Finally, the FDA warned that Molnupiravir could become ineffective in treating future Covid-19 outbreaks if it is widely misused, overused, or counterfeited.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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