Covid-19 restrictions are back in Phang Nga

Checkpoint from earlier in the pandemic. Photo by Thairath.

Coronavirus restrictions are being reimposed in the southern province Phang Nga after a local transmission was detected in Bangkok. The virus outbreak in Myanmar also continues to raise concerns. It’s the first province to reimpose virus prevention measures.

Those who enter the southern province Phang Nga from areas considered “Covid-19 outbreak zones” will need self quarantine for 2 weeks. The province’s governor Chamroen Thipphayaphongthada didn’t say what areas are considered Covid-19 outbreak zones, but that probably means Bangkok.

A local transmission of the coronavirus was recently reported in Bangkok after 100 days without a confirmed local case. The 37 year old DJ tested positive for Covid-19 in a routine test by a Bangkok prison after he was arrested on drug charges. Health officials are scrambling to figure out where the virus came from and how many people came in contact with the DJ.

Thipphayaphongthada says those who enter the Phang Nga from outbreak zones will be ordered to stay at home for 2 weeks. People arriving from state quarantine facilities in Bangkok can be waived from the province’s stay at home order if they show a proof that they went through quarantine before entering the Phang Nga.

People in Phang Nga need to wear a face mask in public places. Mass gatherings are still allowed, but people need to follow coronavirus prevention regulations. The governor also says people cannot engage in activities that may have a heightened risk of spreading the virus, but he did not elaborate on what those activities might be. Those who violate the health measures will face punishments, he says.

An outbreak in Myanmar also poses concern. The Thai government ordering border officers in 10 provinces to tighten patrol at the Thai-Myanmar border. Since then, 100 Burmese people have been detained after allegedly crossing the border into Thailand.

Coronavirus outbreak scares have been reported in Tak, Kanchanaburi and Ranong, according to Kanchanaburi army chief Apirat Kongsompong. He says it’s necessary to patrol the border to make sure no one is entering the country illegally and potentially spreading the virus. Fevers have been reported, but there have been no confirmed Covid-19 cases from the migrants.

Some schools near the border closed temporarily. On the Myanmar side of the border, many businesses have reportedly closed due to the outbreak.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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