CCSA to dissolve with end of Emergency Decree October 1

PHOTO: The CCSA will dissolve on October 1. (via Lab Manager)

After over two and a half years, it’s finally time to say goodbye to our old friend, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha announced that the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations which has been in effect since March 24, 2020, and created the CCSA to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, will not be extended a 20th time when it is set to expire on September 30.

Thailand will enter the post-State of Emergency world on October 1, when the Emergency Decree will end, and with it the dissolution of the CCSA. From that point on, all laws governing Covid and any other health threat will fall under the jurisdiction of the Communicable Diseases Act of 2015.

Coinciding with the end of the decree, Covid will be classified as a “disease under surveillance” and the downgrade in status will come with guidance from the CCSA one last time. The committee will convene before ceasing to exist to create safety guidelines for people to lower the risk of Covid or severe infection, as well as lay out a plan on how those infected can best seek treatment and be cared for.

Moving forward, those with Covid can be treated at hospitals or can receive care at home using the National Health Security Office telemedicine system. Two apps, Good Doctor Technology and MorDee will be available to help those who are asymptomatic or inflicted with mild infections. Another app, Clicknic, will be used for high-risk patients that suffer from eight chronic illnesses or who are considered at risk for being over 60 years old.

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CCSA advisor Dr Udom Kachintorn says that they are currently 70,000 people in home isolation or hospitals who have Coronavirus though most have mild symptoms or none at all. That number is expected to remain steady for about a month and then start to decline. By the end of the year, it is hoped that Covid will bring about 10 death per day and 1,000 hospitalised people or fewer, but Udom reminds people that the virus is not gone.

“From October 1, Covid-19 will become a disease under surveillance but not endemic, which means wearing a facemask in crowded public places will remain necessary. Before its dissolution, the CCSA will propose guidelines for people to follow to stay safe from Covid-19, as well as instructions on how to seek treatment now that the disease has been downgraded.”

SOURCE: The Nation

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