Can foreigners get vaccines in Thailand? | VIDEO

There is a lot of confusion about the vaccination of foreigners in Thailand. Tim Newton tries to paint the current picture for you. Thailand reaching a 70% level of vaccination, I think is more wishful thinking than anything else. Even in the US it appears very unlikely they will be able to reach the 70% immunisation level. In some states they’re now offering free beers and other inducements to get people to come in for a free vaccine.

In Thailand you can add additional layer of superstitions, religious convictions, local conspiracy theories and just general distrust of the government to the hard rump of anti-vaxxers. Poll after poll shows that there is a chunk of Thais that just won’t get vaccinated… for whatever reason. There is obviously a lot of confusion surrounding foreigners trying to get some clarity about when they can expect to be vaccinated.

There also appears to be a small exodus of foreigners who are just fed up with the vaccination vassilation in Thailand and are heading back to their home countries to source a free vaccine.

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Tim Newton

Tim joined The Thaiger as one of its first employees in 2018 as an English news writer/editor and then began to present The Thaiger's Daily news show in 2020, Thailand News Today (or TNT for short). He has lived in Thailand since 2011, having relocated from Australia.

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