Thailand’s 45 day visa exemption policy | GMT

Today’s Good Morning Thailand Show will explore a range of important topics related to Thailand.

The first topic is an investigation into a medical clinic in Pak Kret district in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok, which is being conducted by the police after a breast augmentation surgery patient died six hours after the procedure.

The second topic will be the thousands of Russian and Ukrainian nationals who are stranded in Thailand due to the war between the two countries.

The third will be the possible extension of the 45-day visa-free stay for tourists from 64 countries until the end of 2023, as proposed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The fourth will be the current situation of global aviation, in which the Pacific Asia Travel Association is predicting a 71% growth rate for the region, but the industry is struggling to keep up with the huge demand and the resulting flight prices.

Finally, the show will discuss the case of an unknown foreigner who was deported from Shanghai, China, for testing positive for cannabis upon returning from Thailand, where marijuana is legal.

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