Thailand Video News | Thai woman blames police drug search for miscarriage, Former DSI chief faces 44 million baht asset seizure

In this Thailand video news, Alex and Jay cover the recent news across the nation. Beginning with Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission seized 44 million baht from former DSI Director-General Tharit Pengdit for accumulating unusual wealth. A Thai woman, Orranee, is suing the police after a vaginal drug search allegedly caused her miscarriage. Pichit Kleepjinda’s mysterious death raises suspicions of poisoning by his wife, Mod, as police investigate further. Thailand faces economic challenges from heavy cannabis regulation impacting tourism and local businesses. A grandmother seeks help for her drug-addicted daughter who endangered her baby. Irish blogger Johnny Ward built a luxurious villa in Chiang Mai, funded entirely in cash.

Corrupt Former DSI Chief Faces 44 Million Baht Asset Seizure

Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has seized over 44 million baht (US$10 million) in assets from former DSI Director-General Tharit Pengdit, after finding him guilty of amassing unusual wealth. The investigation revealed Tharit accumulated assets worth 386 million baht in total. The Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct ordered the assets’ transfer to the state. Tharit must comply or compensate the government with equivalent value.


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Thai Woman Blames Police Drug Search in Vagina for Miscarriage

Orranee, a 30-year-old Thai woman, is suing the Samut Prakarn Provincial Police’s narcotics suppression unit, claiming that a vaginal drug search conducted by a policewoman led to her miscarriage. On May 16, 10 officers raided her home, and despite Orranee’s pregnancy disclosure, a policewoman searched her vagina, causing bleeding and subsequent miscarriage. Orranee, charged with operating an illegal kitty purse, discovered the miscarriage at a hospital post-bail. The police, admitting to the search, await further medical examination to determine the cause of the miscarriage.


Sister Act: Thai Woman Suspected of Poisoning Her Husband

Pichit “Ton” Kleepjinda, a 44-year-old owner of a Thai massage training center, died mysteriously on April 16 in Mahasarakham province. Following an assassination attempt on April 8 in Bangkok, where two men shot at his car, Ton returned home and later died. His sister, Natpraphat, suspects his wife, Mod, of poisoning him due to his body showing unusual signs like darkening and blood-stained tears. Ton’s assets, worth around 40 million baht, are in question. Mod denies the allegations and suggests an autopsy if needed. Police have issued arrest warrants for the shooting suspects to further clarify the case.


Thai Economy Will Be Affected by Heavy Cannabis Regulation

Thailand faces a complex challenge with cannabis regulation, balancing economic impacts and legal constraints. Stringent controls could harm the economy, affecting tourism, local businesses, and small enterprises. The tourism sector, boosted by cannabis cafes, might suffer as restrictions push activities underground. Local businesses, especially those centre around cannabis cultivation and retail, face closure risks. Heavy regulations could also impact healthcare and medical tourism, limiting the potential of cannabis in medical treatments and research. Policy changes and legal amendments could drive the industry back into the black market, leading to revenue losses and compliance challenges. Striking a balance between regulation and economic growth is crucial for Thailand’s future.


Thai Woman Seeks Help as Daughter’s Drug Threat Endangers Baby

Sanom, a 59-year-old Thai woman, sought assistance from social media influencer Kantouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet due to her drug-addicted daughter Mod’s violent behavior and threat to her baby. Mod, 42, forced her nine-month-old son to consume methamphetamine and has a history of destroying property and carrying a knife. Despite multiple rehab attempts, Mod’s condition worsened. Sanom and locals tried to capture Mod for rehab, but she escaped and disappeared. Gun visited Sanom’s home in Latkrabang, Bangkok, and plans to work with police to find Mod and ensure her rehabilitation.


Irish Travel Blogger Builds Dream ‘James Bond’ Villa in Chiang Mai

Johnny Ward, a 40-year-old Irish travel blogger, built a luxury villa in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 2021 for about $600,000 (22.5 million Thai baht). The two-story villa features a pool, home cinema, and man cave. Ward first visited Chiang Mai at 22 and fell in love with the area. After traveling the world, he returned to build his dream home with his Thai wife, Jaa. He financed the project entirely in cash due to strict property loan criteria for foreigners in Thailand. Ward’s villa cost significantly less to build than buying a comparable existing home. He’s also building a house nearby for his mother, who has Parkinson’s disease.

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