Thailand Video News | Former soapy king Chuwit Kamolvisit in palliative care abroad, foreign man captured on CCTV stealing Thai woman’s motorcycle

In Thailand Video News today, Jay presents the news happening across the country and abroad. Former politician and soapy king Chuwit Kamolvisit has been put into palliative care in the United Kingdom for liver cancer, while a foreign man was caught stealing a Thai Woman’s motorcycle on a CCTV camera in Phuket. Wildfires in Thailand’s Western Forest Complex have reduced by 40% due to conservation efforts, and a Thai girl interning at a hospital used Muay Thai skills taught by her grandfather to fend off a sexual assault. Malaysia is launching a new decentralised token to crack down on cryptocurrency tax evaders, and three of Vietnam’s five undersea internet cables are down, creating widespread internet outages across the nation.

Former soapy king Chuwit Kamolvisit in palliative care abroad

Former politician and soapy king Chuwit Kamolvisit is in palliative care for liver cancer in the UK, where he has been receiving treatment since late 2022. Former MP Nipit Intharasombat shared an update on Facebook after contacting Chuwit via LINE, confirming his condition and Chuwit’s decision to live each day fully despite his terminal diagnosis. Chuwit’s health has been a concern for many, with public support and encouragement continuing during this challenging time.

Foreign man captured on CCTV stealing Thai woman’s motorcycle

A Thai woman in Phuket is seeking help after a foreign man stole her motorcycle parked near Soi Ta-iad in Chalong. She shared CCTV footage of the shirtless, shaved-head thief riding her dark blue Honda motorcycle, registration 1 กค 6361 Phuket. The theft left her without transportation for her child’s school and work. She urged anyone with information to contact Chalong Police Station at 07-638-1247.

Wildfires in Thailand’s Western forest complex reduced by 40%

Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has reported a 40% reduction in wildfires within the Western Forest Complex due to integrated efforts from various sectors. The most affected area, Srinakarin Dam National Park in Kanchanaburi, faced challenges due to rugged terrain and extensive water regions. Wildfires, often caused by illegal hunting, forest product gathering, and land clearing for livestock, have been mitigated through collaboration among local authorities, disaster prevention offices, and elite firefighting teams, including the use of helicopters. Director Narupon Thipmonta credits this success to the cooperative approach.

Thai intern uses Muay Thai to beat off hospital sexual assault

A Thai intern named Baitong used Muay Thai skills, taught by her grandfather, to fend off a sexual assault by a male nursing assistant at a hospital in Nonthaburi province. The incident, which occurred about a year ago, was captured on CCTV and shared on Facebook on June 14. The man, who was later dismissed after repeating his behavior with another intern, approached Baitong under the pretense of delivering food. Baitong fought back by twisting out of his grasp, striking him with her knee, and biting him until he let go. She reported the incident to the police and the hospital.

Malaysia cracks down on crypto tax evaders with Ops Token

Malaysia’s Inland Revenue Board (IRB) launched “Ops Token” to crack down on crypto tax evasion, targeting companies in Klang Valley. In collaboration with the Royal Malaysia Police and CyberSecurity Malaysia, the IRB raided 10 locations, uncovering significant tax revenue leakage from undeclared crypto trading activities. The operation revealed extensive trading data from mobile devices and computers. IRB CEO Datuk Abu Tariq Jamaluddin urged crypto traders to declare taxes promptly or face compliance actions. This initiative aims to enhance tax efficiency, reduce leakages, and boost Malaysia’s tax revenue. Cryptocurrency in Malaysia is regulated by the Securities Commission and subject to income tax laws.

Three of Vietnam’s five undersea internet cables are down

Three of Vietnam’s five international undersea internet cables are down, significantly impacting the country’s global internet connection. These cables link Vietnam with the US, Europe, and Asia, and their combined capacity is nearly 62 Tbps. The Vietnam News Agency reported that internet users are struggling to access services with servers abroad. It is unclear whether the cables are completely or partially down, and no repair timeline has been provided. This is the second major outage in just over a year, with all five cables having been disrupted early last year.

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