Foreign man captured on CCTV stealing Thai woman’s motorcycle

Photo via Facebook/ เหยี่ยวข่าว ภูเก็ต Newshawk Phuket

A Thai woman is seeking help on social media after a foreign man stole her motorcycle, which was parked near Soi Ta-iad in the Chalong district of Phuket today.

The woman shared screenshots of the foreign thief from CCTV footage on her social media account today, June 17, and urged local news agencies to spread her story.

“A foreigner stole my motorcycle. I’m now in trouble because I don’t have the motorbike to take my child to school and go to work. A motorcycle helmet and some of my child’s belongings are in the vehicle. I parked it near Soi Ta-iad and forgot to take the key with me.”

The pictures show a shirtless foreign man with a shaved head riding the victim’s motorcycle past the CCTV camera.

The victim disclosed that her motorcycle is a dark blue Honda with the registration plate number 1 กค 6361 Phuket. She encouraged anyone who has seen the foreign man or her motorcycle to contact Chalong Police Station at 07-638-1247.

A similar incident occurred in Pattaya earlier this month when a Swedish man stole a motorcycle from a Thai taxi rider. The taxi rider quickly retrieved his vehicle with the help of nearby witnesses.

However, the foreign man did not stop there and went on to steal another motorcycle at a supermarket before being arrested outside a hotel on Na Jomtien Beach.

Another motorcycle theft took place in Koh Samui, Surat Thani. An Australian man stole a motorcycle from a rental shop in Koh Samui and rode it to Koh Pha Ngan. He changed his clothes after the theft in an attempt to evade police but was eventually arrested in Koh Pha Ngan.

In a related incident, two other foreigners were charged in October of last year after a CCTV camera showed them stealing motorcycle helmets from a post office welfare house in the northern province of Chiang Mai. They were allegedly trying to avoid a 2,000 baht fine for not wearing helmets.

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