Thai intern uses Muay Thai to beat off hospital sexual assault

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A Thai woman used Muay Thai skills, taught by her grandfather, to escape a sexual assault attempt by a male nursing assistant while interning at a hospital in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

The victim, Baitong, shared CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook on June 14. She revealed that the incident occurred about a year ago. She later learned that the same man had recently sexually harassed another victim at the hospital, prompting her to post the video as a warning.

In the video, Baitong is seen with her back to the man when he approaches and grabs her from behind. Baitong twisted out of his grasp and struck him with her knee several times until he released her. She even kicked him after he let go.

Baitong later revealed in an interview with Ejan news agency that the incident occurred around midnight as she was about to finish her shift and go home. She had ordered food from a stall near the hospital and asked the vendor to deliver it inside. However, the vendor was busy and unable to do so. The suspect, who was drinking with friends at the stall, volunteered to bring her the food.

Baitong explained that the building where she worked was a women’s ward, so men were not allowed. However, the security guard permitted the suspect to enter because he worked at the hospital and was familiar with the guard.

Baitong said she was frightened when the man approached her but fought back. She dug her nails into his arms and bit him in a bid to get him to let her go. She sought help from other nurses nearby and later ended her internship at the hospital.

Baitong revealed that her grandfather, who once worked in the Muay Thai industry, taught her some self-defence skills.

In her Facebook post, Baitong disclosed that she reported the matter to the police and the hospital. The man was disciplined by the hospital and later dismissed after repeating his behaviour by harassing another intern with inappropriate conversation.

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