Thailand Video News | Thai MP proposes legalising pornography and sex toy industries to boost economy, British yoga teacher stranded at Bangkok airport due to torn passport

In Thailand Video News today, Alex discusses a Thai MP’s proposal to legalise the pornography and sex toy industries in an effort to boost economic growth. A British yoga teacher is stuck at Suvarnabhumi Airport after being stopped from flying due to a tear in her passport. Thailand’s Election Commission has endorsed 200 new senators, and a 2.0 magnitude earthquake shook Koh Samui with no reported injuries. Visitors to Koh Nang Yuan are now prohibited from bringing plastic or styrofoam items to the island, and a 4.5 metre python was found in the roof a bathroom at a staff residence in a Chachoengsao company. At least 27 people have been injured after confiscated fireworks exploded in the Philippines, and Malaysia has seen a surge in suicides, with over 4,000 cases since 2019. The USS Blue Ridge this week has visited Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay, a significant progression in U.S.-Vietnam relations.

Thai MP proposes legalising pornography and sex toy industries to boost economy

Move Forward Party MP, Taopiphop Limjittrakorn, announced plans to legalize the pornography and sex toy industries in Thailand by revising the Criminal Law. The proposed bill, shared on Twitter, aims to amend Section 287, allowing sex content creators to work legally. The bill requires those in the industry to be at least 20 years old and prohibits violent content. Taopiphop argues that the ban violates constitutional rights and that legalization could benefit the economy. Reactions on social media were mixed. Another MFP MP, Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, will propose a bill to increase transparency in military spending.

British yoga teacher stranded at Bangkok airport due to torn passport

A British yoga teacher, Rosie Viscomi, was stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport after being barred from her flight home due to a 1cm tear in her passport. The 27-year-old, who had been in Thailand for yoga training and voluntary work, faced visa issues and feared arrest. IndiGo Airlines refused her passage, citing the passport tear and the need for a direct flight to London. Viscomi’s family set up a fundraising page to cover her expenses, raising £280 of the £1,000 target. She has now secured a new flight and emergency travel documents to return to England on July 9.

Thailand endorses new Senate, replacing military-appointed members

Thailand’s Election Commission has endorsed 200 new senators, replacing the military-appointed upper house. The new senate will not vote on the prime minister but retains power to vet laws and appoint key officials. Analysts suggest this change may challenge the Pheu Thai party’s governance. The new senate marks a gain for Bhumjaithai, a coalition partner seen as aligned with the conservative-royalist establishment. The shift reduces the influence of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra’s Pheu Thai, which has been dominant in Thai politics. This senate endorsement could impede Pheu Thai’s pledge to revise the military-drafted constitution.

Minor earthquake shakes Koh Samui, no damage reported

A 2.0 magnitude earthquake shook Koh Samui at 12:14 am on July 10, causing residents in Bo Phut and surrounding areas to feel the tremors. The quake occurred at a depth of 1 kilometre. Residents reported hearing a sound like thunder and feeling the ground shake. Another earthquake, with a magnitude of 2.2, was reported in Chiang Mai the previous evening. The Thai Meteorological Department is monitoring the situation closely. No damage or injuries were reported from the Koh Samui tremor, despite the alarm it caused among residents.

Koh Nang Yuan enforces no-plastic policy to protect coral reefs

Visitors to Koh Nang Yuan in southern Thailand are prohibited from bringing plastic items or styrofoam boxes to protect the island’s coral reefs. This eco-friendly policy ensures the preservation of its natural beauty and vibrant marine life. The island, known for its pristine sands and exceptional diving, provides water in glass bottles with instructions for proper disposal. This initiative stems from past environmental challenges, including damage from Typhoon Gay and the El Niño phenomenon. The ban on single-use plastics has significantly aided in the recovery and flourishing of the island’s coral reefs.

Python found in company bathroom after biting employee

A 4.5-meter python was found in the roof of a bathroom at a staff residence in a Chachoengsao company. The snake had previously bitten an employee, requiring nearly 40 stitches. Rescue workers, alerted on July 9, located and captured the python after breaking through the ceiling. The snake was safely removed and prepared for release back into nature. The employee, Chalermphon, recounted his earlier encounter with the python, which struck him in the bathroom last year. This time, he noticed the snake and immediately called for help, ensuring a swift and safe capture.

Confiscated fireworks explode in Philippines, injuring 27

At least 27 people, including 19 police and government personnel, were injured when confiscated illegal fireworks exploded in Zamboanga, Philippines. The powerful blast damaged houses, hotels, and the Zamboanga international airport. Two victims are in serious condition. The explosion occurred during a planned controlled detonation by police explosives experts. The blast shattered windows up to three kilometers away. The fireworks were being moved from a warehouse where a previous explosion killed five people. This incident highlights ongoing issues with illegal fireworks, despite government restrictions aimed at curbing the dangerous tradition.

Suicide rates surge in Malaysia, Chinese community hit hardest

Malaysia has seen a surge in suicides, with 4,440 cases since 2019. Men are four times more likely to die by suicide than women. The Chinese community has been hit hardest, followed by foreigners, Indians, and Malays. Suicides increased notably from 609 cases in 2019 to over 1,000 annually since 2021. Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi attributes this rise to drastic social and economic changes, including urbanization, economic inequality, and digital innovation. The National Mental Health Crisis Line received over 48,900 calls from October 2022 to June 2023, providing emotional support and interventions.

USS Blue Ridge visits Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay

The USS Blue Ridge, flagship of the U.S. Seventh Fleet, visited Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay this week, marking a significant step in U.S.-Vietnam relations. Accompanied by the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Waesche, the ship carried over 1,000 personnel. During the five-day visit, U.S. naval personnel will engage with Vietnamese officials and military units. This visit follows the establishment of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two nations last year. Historically, Cam Ranh Bay served as a U.S. naval base before 1972 and a Soviet base until 2002, and now hosts various international vessels, reflecting Vietnam’s diverse foreign policy.

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