Thailand News Today | Heavy rain forecast for Bangkok and surrounding provinces

Heavy rain is forecast for Bangkok and surrounding provinces next week Thailand News

People living in Bangkok, other central provinces, eastern and southern regions of
Thailand are advised to expect heavy to very heavy rainfall from November 22nd-
24th, as a result of an intensifying low-pressure cell.
Thailand’s Meteorological Department reported today (Friday) that a low-pressure
cell, looming over the coast of Borneo, is moving towards the South China Sea and
intensifying as it heads towards the southern tip of the Vietnamese Peninsula and
into the Gulf of Thailand.
It predicts that the storm will bring heavy to very heavy downpours to the southern
part of Thailand’s central region, including Bangkok.
The Weatherman also warned of possible flash flooding at the bases of mountains
and overflows in low-lying areas close to natural waterways during the period.
Rough seas and strong winds are forecast in both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of
Thailand from Monday until Thursday, with waves 2-3 metres high in the Gulf
down to Surat Thani and more than 3 metre high waves in the Andaman Sea north
of Phuket.
Meanwhile, in Phuket, torrential rain struck Krathu district yesterday and, in less
than an hour, the famous Patong sub-district was flooded. Runoffs from the
mountains submerging roads in front of Patong Hospital, the police station, the
municipal office and many communities in the Patong area. The flood water
receded by about 3pm.
Patong’s Mayor said he will discuss long-term solutions to the flooding in Patong
area with relevant agencies, noting that the area was hit by flooding several times
over the past two months. Thailand News

Protesters clash with police as they try to march to APEC Summit site

Protesters from the so-called “Stop APEC 2022” movement clashed with riot-
control police this morning (Friday) as they left Bangkok’s Lan Khon Mueang
Town Square to march to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre.
Equipped with shields and riot-control gear, the police were ordered not to allow
the protesters to march to the convention centre, where the APEC Summit is being
held today and tomorrow.
A protest leader, Baramee Chairat, representing the Assembly of the Poor, told the
police to disperse and allow the protesters to march to the convention centre to
submit their petition to the APEC leaders.
He gave the police 10 minutes to move away, warning that the protesters would try
to break through the police cordon. Members of the media were also asked to stay
away, to give more room for the protesters.
Protesters managed to reach the Democracy Monument, a short distance from the
town square, but were then blocked by police. Minor clashes broke out and one
protester was seen being dragged away by the police. Thailand News

Man says his leg was amputated without permission in Thailand Thailand News

A Thai man who says his leg was amputated without his permission requested help
from the Lawyers Council of Thailand on Wednesday after a failed lawsuit.
The patient told lawyers he went to the hospital to receive treatment for a wound
on the sole of his foot. He underwent surgery and stayed in the hospital for seven
days to be monitored.
However, the patient’s situation didn’t improve after a week and he was given a
permission slip to sign entitled “wound repair” so he could undergo more surgery,
so he signed it.
He woke up from surgery to find his left leg was completely amputated below the
knee. He said there was nothing in the permission slip to suggest such drastic
action would be taken.
The patient requested to look at the form and noticed an extra clause had been
added right at the bottom saying, “cut off left leg.” He swears it wasn’t there when
he signed the document and said doctors added it afterward.
He says the hospital was negligent and reckless, and their lack of caution has
caused him serious damage.
The victim filed a lawsuit against the doctor who cut off his leg and the hospital
accusing them of “negligence causing serious harm.”
The investigating officer presented the case to a prosecutor who decided not to
prosecute anyone from the hospital. The case went nowhere so the victim decided
to go straight to the Lawyers Council of Thailand for help.
President of the Lawyers Council under Royal Patronage assigned lawyers to
investigate the case on Wednesday.
The assigned lawyers will collect evidence, investigate the facts and seek
assistance from specialists with knowledge about medical negligence to help the
victim in his quest to sue the hospital.
The lawyers didn’t say what sort of compensation the victim would be receiving if
the hospital were found guilty of negligence.

Thai soccer fans will get to see all the 64 World Cup soccer matches Thailand News

Thai soccer fans will be able to watch all 64 World Cup 2022 matches in Qatar,
due to kick off this Sunday, after FIFA and the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT)
reached an agreement on a price tag of US$33 million for the broadcast rights in
SAT President Kongsak Yodmanee said that the price does not include the 15%
tax, which the SAT will have to pay to FIFA. This will bring the total cost for the
broadcast rights to about 1.4 billion baht.
He thanked Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan, Khunying Patama
Leeswadtrakul, a member of the International Olympic Committee and Somsak
Leeswadtrakul, an advisor to the Olympic Council of Asia, as well as the private
sector which has helped fund the cost of the broadcast right.
Kongsak disclosed that Khunying Patama, in her capacity as a member of the IOC,
had personally called FIFA President, seeking to help in the negotiations “until
everything was settled”.
The SAT had sought about 1.6 billion baht from the National Broadcasting and
Telecommunications Commission for the broadcast rights, but the regulator
pledged only 600 million, forcing the SAT to seek the balance of the funding from
the private sector. True Corporation, Thai Beverage and PTT have agreed to
contribute a combined 400 million baht, which was still about 600 million baht
short of the amount being demanded by FIFA.
The SAT tried to negotiate a further discount and sought help from various
connections to convince FIFA to lower the price.
Kongsak did not elaborate as to from where the rest of the money, about 400
million baht, will come. Thailand News

Thai blind football team defeats India to win entry to world championship next June

Thai blind national football beat host India in a match in India last night and won a
ticket to the world blind football championship for the second time in a row.
The world blind football champion is to be held next June in Birmingham City,
Thailand is in the Group A which saw China taking the lead and qualified for the
trip to Birmingham City, leaving Thailand and India for the last ticket to the
The Thai team needed a draw to be qualified, but it defeated the Indian team 2-0
and won the ticket as the last team for the championship matches. It is scheduled to
meet the team from Japan tonight at 9.30 pm.
In the last world championship in Spain in 2018, Thailand finished in the 12th
place. Thailand News

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