Chinese crime boss flees Thailand on private jet

A Chinese crime boss is said to have fled Thailand on a private jet bound for Myanmar.

A private jet parked up at Hua Hin airfield in Prachuap Khiri Khan province is said to have been used to help Tuhao, a Chinese crime boss, to escape justice and flee the country. However, the aircraft did not leave Thailand, at least according to the Royal Thai Air Force.

Massage parlour tycoon Chuwit Kamolvisit is believed to have provided information about Tuhao’s escape to deputy national police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol on Thursday. Chuwit said the gangster fled the country on the aircraft last month, with the collusion of state officials.

Chinese crime boss flees Thailand on private jet | News by Thaiger
Chuwit is a contentious politician who was once the country’s biggest massage parlour owner. He is widely known as the “tub tycoon.”

Tuhao’s swift departure from the bright lights of the Thai crime scene comes hot on the heels of a raid on a pub in Bangkok’s Yannawa district late last month.

Chuwit, who suddenly has an awful lot to say about the matter, also claims that the aircraft was kept at the Civil Flying Training Division, known as Sunny 604 and based at Don Mueang airport, under the supervision of the Royal Thai Air Force.

Exactly what the private jet is doing in Hua Hin is not clear. The airfield is only 40 kilometres from the frontier with Myanmar, but obviously much closer to Hua Hin itself. Air force spokesman air vice-marshal Prapas Sornchaidee said checks on the flight plans found the aircraft had flown to Hua Hin “for maintenance.”

Chinese crime boss flees Thailand on private jet | News by ThaigerAccording to Prapas, the aircraft left Don Mueang airport on October 29 at 9am with no Chinese crime boss or other passengers on board. It was bound for the Hua Hin airfield and has remained there since. The raid on the Bangkok venue took place on October 26.

Prapas said the air force will support and assist the police and will not protect anyone who breaks the law.

When submitting evidence to Torsak on Thursday, Chuwit said that Tuhao – a Chinese term referring to people of wealth – had purchased the aircraft from a politician in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Chuwit questioned why the aircraft was allowed at Sunny 604, which is reserved for members only.

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