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Phuket, an unearthly opulent island off Thailand’s west coast, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and heavenly ambiance. A location where unforgettable memories were made. With its spotless beaches, glistening waters, and particularly hospitable Thai culture.

Stepping off the plane at Phuket international airport, we were immediately greeted by the soft tropical breeze and a feeling of overtaking happiness. Making our way outside, we were mesmerized by the beautiful Thai language which made its way to every inch of our bodies. As my feet hit the outside of the airport, my eyes lay on a well dressed and polite looking driver. The ride to Sinae Phuket was made up of beautiful scenery that involved us in the breathtaking nature of Phuket. The palm trees hung from each side and the sun eliminated any dark spots, making this island a picture perfect paradise. The perfect combination of Thai traditional houses allowed the incredible culture of Thailand to find a special place in my heart. As we took a turn followed by the next we finally halted to a stop, and just by looking out the slightly tinted window it was clear, I was at my destination. A large beautiful sign of ‘Sinae’ greeted me at the near bottom of the hill, a real entrance for a luxury hotel in Thailand. It was as if a sign to let me know “your adventure has just begun.”

Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel
Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel

Our room: Large, luxurious setting designed surrounded by nature

As soon as we stepped outside onto our private patio, we were greeted with the sight of a glittering infinity pool that seemed to mix perfectly with the width of the ocean, surrounded by bushes of trees that made it feel like we were living in a forest. Our duplex pool villa was a completion of a luxurious and tranquil view of life, finished up with tasteful furnishing touches, and filled with rich lush colors. The gorgeous Andaman sea was visible via enormous, spotless glass doors, which turned the lovely island of Phuket into our very own work of art. Keeping our curtains slightly open, we got to start every day with the mesmerizing painted skies of the island and blue ocean. No better way to start our days. A plump king sized bed stood opposite of the glass doors. A king sized bed, and softest mattress all made perfect for lazy mornings, and satisfactory levels of night rests. Crisp linens and slush like pillows lined the bed, making nights perfect for snuggling up sessions and movies in bed. In the evenings, we enjoyed the convenience of the regularly refilled mini bar, which offered a selection of chilled beverages and light snacks. It was the perfect complement to our evenings spent lounging by our own private pool, savoring the tranquility of the surroundings. The attention to detail made our Phuket villa resort a haven of comfort and indulgence. It provided the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories and cherishing moments of relaxation and serenity. The villa was a perfect Phuket resort for couples.

Deluxe pool villa at Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel
Deluxe pool villa at Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel

Taste of the music: Captivating melodies to local live music

We sat at a table overlooking the vast expanse of the captivating evening Andaman sea, mesmerized by the rhythmic dance of the waves. The decor at Sai Bistro & Bar was gorgeous and opulent, with soft lighting casting a warm glow and fostering an atmosphere that was both private and enchanting.

As the sun set over the beautiful island off Phuket we were captivated by the enchanting sound of live music. Our attention shifted from the exquisite and delectable food, to the live music accompanying us through the breathtaking night. The musicians’ melodies and harmonies were woven together to create a beautiful ambiance because they were talented and enthusiastic. The flavor of expertly prepared grilled steak and carefully chosen wine produced the ideal pairing for a luxurious experience that left us yearning for more. The Thai songs evoked a sense of cultural richness and depth that could never be described by words, transporting us to the heart of Thailand’s musical heritage. The lyrics, even if we didn’t understand all of them, conveyed emotions that transcended any language barriers, resonating with us on a deeper level. Thai and English songs intertwine leaving us in awe and lurking for more. Though the Thai music was new and refreshing, having English and well known international songs playing made the stay feel homelike. This Phuket resort for couples left a sense of romantic atmosphere lingering in the air far after the music was over, letting the final moments of our day feel unique and personal.

Delectable taste buds : Enjoying the otherworldly food options

We were given the option of enjoying our floating breakfast in the privacy of our opulent duplex pool villa or venturing outside to enjoy a delectable breakfast at the resort. We chose the former and awaited the swift delivery of our meal outside our door with anticipation. We made our way outside and settled ourselves by the pool, allowing our feet to dangle in the crystal-clear water, enjoying the view of Phuket’s painted skies surrounded by lush greenery. As we savored each bite, the combination of delectable flavors yet a light and filling meal created an ideal opening to our day. Breakfast at a Phuket villa resort definitely is a memory worth cherishing. As we went on to explore this luxury resort in Phuket, we made our way to the top of the hill where we treated ourselves to a drink from Starbucks, enjoying the refreshments while looking over the beauties of the island. As lunch rolled around we trotted down the resort’s restaurant, Sai Bistro & bar for the second time. Upon entering, we took a moment to peruse their exclusive menu, which boasted an array of options. Our attention was quickly pulled to their delectable grilled meats and fresh selection of seafood when they enticed us with their alluring fragrances. We looked into the upscale and enticing selection of beverages, including carefully chosen refreshing drinks, to complement our meals. Given the vast assortment of culinary delights available, we were confident that our experience will surpass any expectations set, we were right. The view of the beautiful midday ocean set the stage for a truly remarkable dining experience. The food at the resort definitely lands it a place as one of the best resorts in Thailand creating some of the best dining Phuket experiences.

dining at Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel
Delectable grilled meats and fresh selection of seafood at Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel

Every day in luxury: Luxury of the spa

Our days were filled to the brim with activities leaving no room for boredom. We spent at least an hour in the well-equipped gym every morning, enjoying physical activity amidst the opulent surroundings of lovely marble walls and a large liberating mood. Our desire for movement expanded beyond the marble walls of the gym as we sought for more, and thankfully Sinae, the luxury resort in Phuket was more than prepared to accommodate our needs. Making our way to the pristine pool we enjoyed countless hours cooling off from the Thailand heat, enjoying the moments in the perfect temperature of the water. After wearing out our muscles we treated ourselves to an experience at the Sindh Spa. Intrigued by the soothing aroma of body masks and scrub treatments that permeated the air, we eagerly made our way to the spa. As we settled onto a couple treatments. We chose from a variety of options to create our perfect 90 minute experience. We surrender ourselves to the capable hands of the skilled therapists, and allowed the tension to melt away as we immersed ourselves in a state of pure tranquility. Thai massage, the best type of massage, was administered by trained hands. Our bodies felt much less tense even before the session was over. Thai massage significantly improves how light we feel in our bodies. We enjoyed fulfilling days and returned to our room with the perfect energy to enjoy the final peaceful moments.

Spa at Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel
Spa at Sinae Phuket Luxury Hotel

Our stay at Sinae Phuket ignited a newfound love for Thai cuisine and culture, a passion for live music in Phuket, and a treasure filled chest of cherished memories. A must visit and definitely a place I wouldn’t hesitate to return to. As one of the best resorts in Thailand, it provided us with an exceptional experience that surpassed all expectations. The resort’s vibrant atmosphere also offered us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the lively music scene of Phuket. From vibrant local bands to talented musicians performing live, we were enthralled by the captivating melodies that filled the air. The combination of excellent music and a vibrant atmosphere created an unforgettable experience. I would unquestionably suggest Sinae Phuket as a Phuket resort for couples, for those seeking a romantic break that would strengthen relationships.

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