Looking for a great spa in Koh Samui? Here is a list

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Koh Samui is well-loved by many for its crystal clear beaches, exciting excursions and activities. We all know Koh Samui is a paradise for adventure and, ultimately, relaxation. Why don’t you step it up a notch by pampering yourself with the best spa treatments? Here are exceptional spas in Koh Samui you need to visit to banish your tension and worries and welcome bliss.

Tamarind Spring Forest Spa

First on our list is the legendary Tamarind Spring Forest Spa, renowned as Asia’s most outstanding and unique day spa. Established in 1998, the Tamarind has been a public favourite ever since. People keep coming back after the unforgettable experience amidst nature- a magical rain forest, gently swaying palms, gigantic granite boulders, sounds of birds chirping and a trickling waterfall.

Thai Yoga Massage, Swedish Massage, and foot reflexology are their most popular massage services. You can choose to book recommended packages, including Steam & Dream and a massage of your choice! If you’re not a fan of massage, opt for just the Steam & Dream package, where you can unwind in the rolling water of three rock plunge pools for as long as you’d like!

Looking for a great spa in Koh Samui? Here is a list | News by Thaiger
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Six Senses Spa

If you are looking for the ideal beachfront spa experience, Six Sense Spa located at Six Senses Samui will fulfil your need and exceed your expectations! In an individual spa villa overlooking the unrivalled sea and the rock-fringed bay, you will surrender to the magical touch of skilful masseuses and reawaken your senses. As you sink into bliss, you will feel the sea gentle sea breeze brushing over you.

There are also many facilities- six treatment villas, yoga pavilions, a meditation sala, a walking meditation area, steam and sauna and even a manicure and pedicure room- to spend the whole day relaxing. Even though there are various treatments to choose from, you can never go wrong by picking the treatment highlights– Thai Healing Therapy, Zen Na Tai, Energy Enhancing Treatment and Secret Laa Stone Four Hands.

Looking for a great spa in Koh Samui? Here is a list | News by Thaiger
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Eranda Herbal Spa

Located in a picturesque hillside setting, the Eranda Spa provides a wide range of therapies. At Eranda, you will be receiving the treatment as you overlook the Gulf of Thailand, hence receiving the nickname “the spa with a view”. The spa’s interior gives an authentic Thai atmosphere with dark wood furniture, pagodas, stone paths, and a tropical landscape.

On top of that, the spa only uses natural products, where herbal oils and lotions are manufactured locally. You can shop for them as well! and sold to customers. You are also free to use the spa’s high-end facilities, including a plunge pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and relaxation sections. Remember to keep an eye on the spa’s website to check out the exclusive offers and discounts!

Looking for a great spa in Koh Samui? Here is a list | News by Thaiger
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Cave Rai Ra Beach Spa

Getting in touch with nature is therapeutic. So far, we’ve mentioned massages in the rainforest, beachfront and by the waterfall. But how does having a massage in a cave sound to you?

Cave Rai Ra Spa is part of the Royal Muang Samui Villas. The cave-themed environment gives you the quietness and serenity you don’t get in the outside world. Melt your stress away at this one-of-a-kind location. Not to mention, you also have a fantastic range of massages and treatments to choose from!

Looking for a great spa in Koh Samui? Here is a list | News by Thaiger
Image via Cave Rai Ra Spa

Baan Hin Sai Spa

Last but not least on our list is the spa at Baan Hin Sai Resort, a natural sanctuary constructed in the rocky outcrop. Baan Hin Sai is one of the only two hotels in Koh Samui under the unseen paradise project. To put it simply, the view from the top of the cliff is spectacular!

Visit the beautiful sanctuary and enjoy a spa treatment in an open-air pavilion on a clifftop with a panoramic ocean view. If you seek privacy, this hidden haven is the place to go!

Looking for a great spa in Koh Samui? Here is a list | News by Thaiger
Image via Baan Hin Sai

Yes, Koh Samui has so much to offer, but visiting one of these spas will complete your vacation there. Since we’ve readily compiled the sanctuaries for you, it is high time you book your appointment and do your body, mind and soul a favour.

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