Japanese fugitive escapes Thai police custody in daring car chase, manhunt underway

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A Japanese fugitive escaped police custody in a daring car chase. He was initially detained at the Immigration Bureau in Suan Phlu on Saturday, September 9, before managing to commandeer a police vehicle and flee the scene. The Japanese man, Yuki Yanagi, who was later discovered to have abandoned the vehicle and taken a taxi, remains at large.

The incident occurred as Yuki was being transported for a court hearing at Ratchada Criminal Court. On arrival back at the Immigration Bureau for continued detention, he feigned illness and collapsed. As officers attempted to assist him into the building, he seized the opportunity to sprint to the police vehicle and drive away, crashing through the office gates. It is believed that he had premeditated this escape, pretending to be injured from a previous fall at the court.

The abandoned police vehicle was later found near Charoen Krung Pracharak Hospital. Yuki had hailed a taxi and headed towards Pattanakarn Road, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

Yuki is a significant fugitive wanted by Japanese authorities. The Japanese Embassy in Thailand had previously coordinated with the Immigration Bureau to track him down after he defrauded Japanese citizens of over 20 million yen (4.8 million baht). Investigations revealed that he had fled to Thailand and overstayed his visa. He was originally arrested on September 7, before his latest escape, reported KhaoSod.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanit Thaiwatcharamat, the head of the Immigration Bureau, efforts are underway to recapture Yuki. His escape has highlighted potential vulnerabilities in the detention and transportation procedures of foreign suspects. The ongoing manhunt has captured the public’s attention and drawn scrutiny to the law enforcement practices in place.

The authorities are urging anyone with information about Yuki’s whereabouts to come forward, as the pursuit continues to recapture this elusive and resourceful fugitive. The incident has also prompted a review of protocols to prevent similar escapes in the future.

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