Love Confession Day turns into betrayal: Husband catches cheating wife in the act

PHOTO via Sanook

A marriage was shaken to its core on “Love Confession Day” in China after a husband caught his wife dating another man while out with his daughter in the Jiangsu province. The cheating wife then defended her lover when confronted.

‘A,’ a married woman, chose to celebrate Love Confession Day, which is similar to Valentine’s Day, by secretly dating another man instead of spending time with her family. The cheating couple dined in a hotel together and later walked hand in hand on Saturday, May 20. The woman’s husband and daughter caught them while they were having fun, which caused a disturbing turn of events, reported Sanook.

The enraged husband approached the pair, grabbed the other man, punched him in the face and kicked him multiple times. Despite the physical assault, the other man stayed submissive and didn’t resist. All the while, his cheating wife watched in disbelief.

The wife, surprisingly, defended her lover, stepping in between him and her husband. She stood firm and protected the other man despite her husband’s anger. At one point, to end the husband’s violent behaviour, she used her daughter as an excuse, begging him to stop for her sake.

The conclusion of this troubling Love Confession Day story remains unclear, and the future of the couple’s marriage is uncertain. The incident sparked a heated debate after a video of the altercation circulated on social media on May 21.

Comments on social media included:

“This woman is shameless; she doesn’t deserve forgiveness from her family”

“She is definitely in the wrong, but somehow turned her husband into the bad guy.”

“The daughter is the real victim, who will never forget her parents’ fierce dispute and her mother’s protection of third party.”

Sadly, there have been a number of cheating cases recently. HERE is a link to more stories of cheaters throughout China, Thailand, and the world.

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