Thai man saves python from cooking pot, offers it to monks

Photo by Khaosod.

A Thai man saved a 3-metre long python from being cooked and decided to offer it to monks at the Kode Thim Tharam temple in the eastern Rayong province. However, the monks declined the offer due to inappropriate conditions for the snake at the temple.

Today at 7am, Prasert Linsamphan brought a python named ‘Nong Jiji’ to the Kode Thim Tharam temple in Rayong. The snake, weighing over 10 kilograms, was contained in a sack. Upon revealing its content, the monks and temple-goers were shocked to see the large python.

Prasert recounted that the python was close to becoming a meal for the locals, so he intervened and saved its life. Initially, he intended to keep the python as a companion for Jiji, but Prasert’s concern for Jiji made him bring the python to the temple instead. However, the monks were unable to accept the python.

The abbot of Kode Thim Tharam temple, Phra Karun Tingchalo, explained that the temple was not suitable to accommodate the python as they had various other animals such as dogs, chickens, and birds. He suggested that the python be released back into nature and performed a blessing ritual for the snake to ease Prasert’s concerns.

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After having the python blessed by the monk, Prasert brought the snake to the temple’s altar to remove leeches found on its body. He hoped that the number of leeches could bring him good fortune. He successfully removed six leeches from the python.

Teeraput Sukkasem, a 43 year old temple-goer, expressed bewilderment upon seeing Prasert’s car adorned with garlands and filled with offerings. Further astonishment came when Prasert exited the car with a python wrapped around his head while carrying the sack containing another large python. Despite his fear of snakes, Teeraput managed to gather his composure and led Prasert to the abbot.

While the act of saving the python’s life and offering it to the monks was unusual, it demonstrates compassion towards animals.

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