Viral sensation: Vietnamese couple’s extravagant engagement ceremony leaves social media in awe

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A Vietnamese couple’s lavish engagement ceremony, involving extravagant gifts of cash and gold necklaces, gained a lot of attention on social media. The bride received more than 50 gold necklaces and 7.3 million baht (US$201,000) in cash, causing online users to express amazement and envy.

Local media reports state that the engagement ceremony took place on Saturday, May 27, involving a 26 year old man and a 23 year old woman who had been dating for two months. The couple decided to get engaged and build their family, attracting supportive messages on social media. They both work and live in Bình Dương province, but decided to hold the engagement and wedding celebrations in Tuyên Quang province, the groom’s hometown, for the convenience of friends and family attending.

The groom revealed that the couple had not yet counted the total number of gold necklaces received but estimated it to be around 50. The bride’s parents gifted 20 necklaces and 5 billion Vietnamese dongs (approximately US$213,000) in cash, while the remaining necklaces came from other relatives. Some social media users commented enviously, wishing they could experience such opulence.

The bride, the oldest of three sisters, graduated with a business management degree from a university in Ho Chi Minh City. Her family owns a motorcycle business and real estate, while the groom’s family is involved in the clothing and bedding industry. The wedding ceremony was scheduled for the morning of May 29, and after the celebration, the newlyweds plan to return to Bình Dương province to continue their lives and work.

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