US CDC issues Level 4: Very High Risk travel advisory for the Philippines

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Although the Philippines is set to reopen its doors to fully vaccinated international visitors this month, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of the US is advising its citizens not to travel to the Southeast Asian country due to a “very high level” of Covid-19 infections.

The CDC released a statement that those planning to go to the Philippines may still be at risk of infection with the virus even if their vaccinations are up to date and urged to be vaccinated properly. The Philippines is one of around 130 countries and territories with a “Level Four: Very High” advisory by the CDC.

Avoid travel to the Philippines. If you must travel to the Philippines, make sure you are vaccinated and up to date with your Covid-19 vaccines before travel.

The previous advisory of a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for the Philippines has been amended on January 18. Back in April 2021, the CDC urged citizens not to travel to the Philippines.

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The Philippines is reopening to fully vaccinated travellers on February 10 after nearly two years of closed borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Travellers from 157 countries will be eligible to enter the Southeast Asian country without undergoing a quarantine period. They will just need to test negative for Covid-19 before arrival.

US CDC issues Level 4: Very High Risk travel advisory for the Philippines | News by ThaigerSOURCE: Phil Star

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