Serpent-haired sensation slithers into the spotlight: Indian woman’s knotted hair captivates community

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A woman with a distinctive long, unkempt knotted hair that bears an uncanny resemblance to a coiling snake has become a sensation in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Her peculiar appearance has prompted locals, who believe in sanctity, to chant prayers in her presence, offer flowers, and donate money.

The woman’s videos have swiftly gone viral online, leaving netizens in awe and expressing joy at witnessing such a sight. Some commenters have even expressed their desire to touch the woman’s feet and chant prayers to her, enchanted by her snake-like knotted hair.

According to sources covering spiritual content, Jata or the natural practice of growing matted, entangled, and knotted hair, is considered extremely sacred. This hairstyle signifies the state of renunciation, where one has given up worldly pursuits. It is a form of purity and dedication to the supreme power.

The mysterious elderly woman, whose hair evokes the image of a coiling snake, has become a symbol of sanctity for the people of Varanasi. This unprecedented event has led to a surge of prayers, offerings, and donations.

The video showcasing this elderly woman’s unique knotted hair quickly became viral, eliciting awe and joy from netizens. Some have even expressed their desire to touch her feet and offer prayers, captivated by her snake-like hair, reported Sanook.

Considering the significance of Jata or the natural practice of growing matted, knotted hair, this hairstyle symbolises a state of renunciation, a departure from worldly pursuits, and a dedication to a higher power. This could explain the fascination and respect the woman’s appearance garners amongst the locals and online viewers.

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