Uterus upheaval: Chinese woman’s constipation conundrum takes unexpected turn

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A 35 year old woman from Hubei province, China, who had been suffering from constipation for a decade, was shocked to find her condition linked to her uterus rather than her digestive system. Hospitalised due to heavy rectal bleeding, a detailed examination revealed an abnormal growth in her uterus, rather than a blockage in her digestive tract, as the cause for her chronic constipation.

The woman, known by her pseudonym Weiwei, sought medical help at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in September, as she struggled with severe rectal bleeding and painful bowel movements.

The condition had significantly disrupted her life. Dr. Jiang, the attending physician, identified a “hard mass in the rectum”, which was hindering the smooth passage of stool, leading to constipation.

Further investigation by Dr. Jiang revealed that Weiwei’s constipation condition was not a digestive disorder but an “ectopic endometrial growth.”

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Although this condition is non-toxic and harmless, it invades and grows like a tumour. In Weiwei’s case, the endometrial tissue had infiltrated her rectum, causing constriction and expansion at different levels of her large intestine, potentially escalating to severe intestinal obstruction.

Fortunately, after receiving treatment and removal of the abnormal growth, Weiwei was able to leave the hospital within two weeks. She is now only required to take medication and undergo regular health check-ups, reported Sanook.

Dr Jiang warns that ectopic endometrial growth is a common condition among women. Women with a history of abnormal menstrual pain, chocolate cysts, and difficulty conceiving should pay close attention and seek timely medical care.

Symptoms to look out for include difficult bowel movements, bloody stools, and necrosis of intestinal muscles, among others.

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