Syrian school tragedy: Drone attack claims 112 lives, including six children

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A catastrophic drone attack on a military school in Syria’s western city of Homs resulted in the tragic loss of at least 112 lives, including six children. The incident, which also left several hundred injured, occurred during a graduation ceremony attended by the cadets’ families.

The Syrian military has pointed the finger at internationally-backed terrorist groups for orchestrating this deadly assault. Nevertheless, no responsibility has been claimed by any insurgent group or jihadist fighters that have been warring against the Syrian government in a conflict stretching over 12 years.

The drone is suspected to have been launched from an area under the control of the Syrian government’s opposition, situated in the northwestern part of Homs.

The White Helmets, a volunteer civil defence force, later reported that 11 civilians had been killed in a heavy artillery and weapon attack by the government in several cities that serve as strongholds for the government’s opposition in the Idlib province.

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The Syrian state news agency SANA quoted a statement from the Syrian army’s high command, which revealed that multiple drones carrying explosives targeted the military school in Homs after the conclusion of an afternoon graduation ceremony.

“This act is an unprecedented crime. The army affirms that it will respond with full force and determination to these terrorist groups, wherever they may be.”

Syria’s Health Minister, Hassan al-Ghabash, stated that the attack resulted in over 200 injuries, reported Khaosod.

An associated video footage shows people standing and walking outside a building post the drone attack on the Syrian military academy yesterday.

The drone attack incident marks an alarming escalation in attacks on the Syrian military, fuelling fears of an upsurge in violence. The Syrian conflict, deeply complex and long-standing, continues to cause significant humanitarian and political upheaval.

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