Ukraine’s ambassador commends effectiveness of UN in condemning Russia

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The United Nations (UN) may have its flaws, but it has been effective in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN, Sergiy Kyslytsya. He acknowledged the imperfections of the UN but argued that there may be no other country in the world where citizens pay such close attention to UN General Assembly or Security Council debates about their nation.

While admitting the UN is far from perfect, Kyslytsya highlighted the lack of alternatives to the global organization. He pointed to the many General Assembly resolutions calling for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, with the latest vote seeing a vast majority of 141 nations supporting the resolution. He said this vote struck a significant blow against Russia and its narrative that the world had grown tired and lost interest in the war.

Despite its shortcomings, Kyslytsya remains optimistic about the potential of the UN, describing it as a gathering of different cultures, traditions, and political systems that have to work together. The General Assembly represents a snapshot of the world, which requires direct engagement with individual countries and groups of nations to make improvements.

Kyslytsya noted that Ukrainians follow UN debates closely, particularly when they are concerned about the Russian invasion. Since the invasion in February 2022, Ukraine and its allies have successfully pushed for several General Assembly resolutions condemning Moscow.

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Acknowledging the UN’s limitations, such as Russia’s permanent seat on the Security Council and its veto power, Kyslytsya stressed the importance of continuing to work with other UN agencies, including the High Commissioner for Refugees. He also praised the Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, for his high moral standards and dedication, along with his success in reaching agreements like the export of Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea.

Regarding the possible creation of a special tribunal to judge those responsible for Russian aggression, Kyslytsya conceded that the question of whether this might be achieved through the UN or another route remains open. However, he emphasized that the essential issue is ensuring that Russia is held accountable for its actions.

Whatever the path forward, Kyslytsya asserted that they must never allow the efforts to hold Russia to account to fail, demonstrating his continued belief in the role the UN can play in addressing global issues despite its imperfections, reported Bangkok Post.

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