Ugly frog figure on Antiques Roadshow revealed as valuable 18th century Scottish pottery

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A peculiar three-legged frog figure, initially deemed unattractive by a couple, turned out to be a valuable 18th-century piece of Scottish pottery in a recent episode of the popular BBC TV show, Antiques Roadshow. The episode, which featured the historical Brodie Castle in Morayshire, Scotland, left viewers astonished as the true value of the ugly frog was uncovered.

The couple presented the odd-looking yellow figure to experts for evaluation, with the husband revealing it had been in their family for over six decades, a birthday gift from his mother.

“I’ve called it the ugly frog for about 60 years now. My mother was an expert in collecting odd things.”

The husband admitted that he and his wife had differing opinions about the peculiar figure, humorously adding, “I adore it, but it’s not my wife’s cup of tea.”

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After a thorough examination, Antiques Roadshow experts identified the item as a piece of 18th-century Scottish pottery, a decorative representation based on the Chinese legend of the three-legged frog, believed to bring wealth or fortune to its owner, reported Daily Mail.

The Antiques Roadshow expert loved the fact that it’s glazed in this imperial yellow.

“The reason it’s called imperial yellow is because it actually comes from the story of the three-legged toad in Chinese mythology. The three-legged toad would come to your house on a full moon night to predict events, which are usually wealth or prosperity. So, in China, it was often made to accommodate small coins in its mouth.”

The Antiques Roadshow expert also stated his admiration for the piece, estimating it could easily fetch between £600 to £900 (approximately 26,000 to 39,000 baht) at auction. If more than one person desired to own it, the auction price could surge even higher.

Upon hearing the expert’s affirmation, the husband seemed both surprised and delighted. The expert then playfully asked the wife, “Do you like it a bit more now?” She grinned and laughed, replying, “Absolutely.”

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