Trump faces federal indictment over classified document hoarding

The legal reckoning for Donald Trump has finally arrived, as the former president faces a seven-count federal indictment after a lengthy investigation into his alleged hoarding of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence. This unprecedented move against a former president has been described as a “politically momentous” and “seismic event.” Trump’s previous avoidance of being held accountable seems to be coming to an end, with his bravado being replaced by panic.

Writer E Jean Carroll and actress Stormy Daniels, who took on Trump when no one else would, are owed gratitude by enlightened Americans for their courage in standing up against him. It is now up to the Justice Department to follow their honourable lead and achieve a satisfying result.

Trump is reportedly set to appear before a magistrate in Miami early next week to face charges that include “conspiracy to obstruct” and the “willful retention of documents.” In a desperate attempt to get ahead of the story, Trump broke the news of the multi-count indictment on a social media site populated by his fanatical followers.

The legal Rubicon has been crossed, and it seems unlikely that Trump will be able to recover from this. His once-perplexing aura of invincibility is slowly flaking away, and his fate will now be decided by people beyond his reach and the sycophants who do his bidding for money and fame.

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Despite the indictments, it remains likely that Trump will emerge as the Republican nominee. However, he will be challenged by Republicans who have recently shown a willingness to discuss his erratic conduct in office and his role in the January 6 insurrection. The special counsel may also deliver other indictments on that score.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and ex-Vice President Mike Pence will not only be emboldened by the current and any future indictments but encouraged to continue to go on the attack. They will chip away at Trump’s appeal to independent voters who will not support a potential federal prison inmate.

Additionally, a Georgia prosecutor looks poised to indict Trump later this summer over his strong-arm tactics to pressure the Republican secretary of state to “find” 11,000 phantom votes to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

This situation is likely the stuff of President Joe Biden’s dreams, as his probable Republican opponent will be preoccupied with keeping out of jail and exhausting time, money, and energy while Biden campaigns for re-election.

Trump’s usual tactics of leveraging indictments into martyrdom and undermining the legitimacy of prosecutors are losing their potency. History may record June 8, 2023, as the day that Donald Trump’s quest to be elected president in 2024 was doomed.

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