Trump faces federal charges in Miami amid cautious calm

A sense of cautious calm enveloped the area around the Miami courthouse where former US President Donald Trump is due to face federal charges. Residents and tourists mingled with journalists and law enforcement agents preparing for Tuesday’s arraignment. Although local officials expect pro-Trump protesters and potential counter-demonstrations, the size of these gatherings remains uncertain.

Trump, who is running for the White House again in 2024, was charged last week with 37 counts of mishandling classified documents after leaving office in 2021. This marks the first time a former US president has faced federal charges. Earlier this year, Trump also became the first president to be criminally prosecuted at the state level in New York regarding a hush money payment made to a porn star before the 2016 elections.

“I just want peace. I don’t want to see people destroying stuff,” said David Miller, a Miami resident in his early 30s, expressing his concerns for order in the community amidst the anticipated commotion.

Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales assured the public that his department is ready for Trump’s arraignment, with enough resources to handle crowds ranging from 5,000 to 50,000. Mayor Francis Suarez also pledged to maintain “law and order” while preserving the free-speech rights of any protesters.

Despite Trump and his allies encouraging protests ahead of the court hearing, fears of violence have not materialised. The crowd outside the courthouse on Monday consisted mostly of bystanders, tourists, journalists, and police officers.

The case will unfold in court over the next month, with lead prosecutor Jack Smith promising a “speedy trial.” Meanwhile, life outside the court’s immediate vicinity appears to continue as usual. Manny Osorio, who operates a hotdog stand a block from the court, said, “Donald Trump, too much problems — mucho problema. But it’s going to pass,” finding a silver lining in the potential boost to business.

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