International motorcycle gang and Indonesian drug syndicate nabbed in Thailand crackdown

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An international motorcycle gang and a major Indonesian drug gang, both of whom had fled to Thailand, have been apprehended in a sweeping operation by the Thai Immigration Bureau (IB). The series of arrests also included the capture of a notorious human trafficking network operating in the Sa Kaeo province.

The Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, Police Lieutenant General Roy Ingkapairoj, instructed the Chief of the Immigration Bureau, Police Lieutenant General Phakphumpipat Sajjapun to task Police Lieutenant Colonel Pattana Nutchanat, Deputy Chief of the IB, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanit Thaiwatcharamas, Director of the IB Secretariat, and Police Lieutenant Colonel Woritsiri Lelasiri, Director of the Immigration Division 3, with the operation, reported KhaoSod.

The first significant arrest was that of Den, a German national wanted by his homeland’s authorities for a serious assault. The German Federation had requested his extradition to face punishment under the German Penal Code for causing grievous bodily harm to another person. The German Attorney General had already issued an arrest warrant for Den.

Following his discovery in Chiang Rai province, Den was apprehended and handed over to the Foreign Cases Office to proceed with legal proceedings. Investigations revealed that Den was a member of the illegal motorcycle gang Hells Angels based in Kiel, Germany. He, along with two accomplices, had attacked a victim at a public swimming pool in Kiel. His girlfriend acted as a decoy to lure the victim to the pool, where they ambushed and shot him.

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