Thai nationals warned to exercise caution in South Korea amidst surge in knife attacks

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Thai nationals are being warned to remain vigilant in South Korea after a gruesome string of copycat knife attacks, marking an ominous rise in violence. This fear-inducing outbreak of violence saw its most recent attacks claim two lives and severely injure many others.

The Thai embassy in the South Korean capital of Seoul issued an advisory for Thai nationals travelling to the Asian nation, alerting them to stay cautious amidst the crime outbreak. As per the embassy’s statement yesterday, the menace began on July 21, near Seoul’s Sillim Train Station. The sporadic chaos culminated in one fatality and three serious injuries.

After this, on August 3, in a spine-chilling episode, a culprit rammed a car into a crowd before ferociously stabbing people in a shopping mall in the city of Seongnam, in Gyeonggi Province. This brutal mayhem left one person dead and wounded 13 others, reported Sanook.

As of the latest update, the police of the Republic of South Korea shared on August 6, that they are investigating 46 individuals who have posted menacing messages threatening to carry out public murders. Most of these posts are emanating from Seoul, with the dread-filled content emulating the shocking crimes.

The Thai embassy in Seoul offers the following cautionary advice for Thai nationals in South Korea:

1. Be especially vigilant while using public transportation, observe those around you and your environment, and avoid constant use of mobile phones/phones or continuous music listening using earphones.
2. Stick to main routes and avoid dark, deserted alleys if you are travelling alone. Being in open, crowded places increases the chances of seeking help from others when needed.
3. By any means, scream for help in case of an attack (in Korean, “help” is 도와주세요, read as To-wa-ju-se-yo).
4. If Thai nationals in South Korea require emergency assistance, they can contact the consular section of the embassy at +8210-6747-0095 or +8210-3099-2955.

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