Singapore lifts restrictions, travellers from New Zealand and Brunei allowed

PHOTO: Singapore Airlines

Some major border restrictions are lifting in Singapore. Those in New Zealand or Brunei who want to spend a holiday in Singapore can do so starting September 1. There will no requirement for those travellers to do a 2 week quarantine. Those in Singapore will also be allowed to travel to both New Zealand and Brunei.

Yes, it’s a travel bubble between Singapore and two ‘low risk’ countries, but not Thailand.

Travellers coming into Singapore will still need to clear a coronavirus test upon arrival. People travelling from New Zealand or Brunei are eligible to travel to Singapore as long as they remained in either of those countries for at least 2 weeks before their trip. The flight to Singapore also needs to be booked at least a week before the trip. If a traveller ends up sick with the coronavirus while visiting the country, the traveller is responsible for their medical expenses, according to the Singapore Ministry of Health.

Singapore is also loosening up restrictions for other travellers coming from low-risk countries. The 2 week stay home notice has been lowered to just 1 week for people entering from Australia (except the state of Victoria), China, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. Travellers will be tested for the coronavirus at the end of their 1 week quarantine.

Essential travel to Singapore is already allowed for Malaysia and some Chinese provinces. The country is in negotiations with Japan about allowing business travellers into the country.

While Singapore is lifting major travel restrictions for some countries, the country’s education minister says Singapore remains cautious and the decisions to allow the travellers in is based the risk-level of each country. Those heading from Singapore to New Zealand or Brunei will need to get clearance from the country they intend to travel to.

Many airlines around the world are taking a hit from travel restrictions brought on by the pandemic. Singapore Airlines says the recovery of air travel and airfreight is necessary for recovering global trade and the economy.

“Today’s announcement is an important step towards the gradual rebuilding of the Singapore air hub. The SIA Group will continue to work closely with the Singapore government and all stakeholders to support this.”



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