Singapore comedienne slammed for MH370 jokes in Malaysian Parliament

Singaporean comedian Jocelyn Chia recently faced widespread condemnation in the Malaysian Parliament for making jokes about Malaysia and the tragic loss of Flight MH370 during a comedy show in New York. RSN Rayer, a Member of Parliament, called on his fellow MPs to condemn Chia’s actions, which were deemed extreme and offensive to Malaysians.

Rayer highlighted the issue under the Standing Orders of the Dewan Rakyat, which addresses words that may incite hurt and hostility between races. He said, “There is a viral video showing comedian Jocelyn Chia belittling our country and making satire and jokes that are heartbreaking and offensive, especially regarding our country and the loss of MH370.”

Although Singapore’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, Vanu Gopala Menon, has apologised for Chia’s actions, Rayer expressed hope that such incidents would not happen again. Chia’s video, titled “Singapore vs Malaysia,” went viral and angered many Malaysians due to her insensitive remarks about the country and the missing plane. Following the controversy, the Singaporean government apologised and clarified that Chia’s statements did not reflect the views of the Republic, also informing that she was no longer a citizen.

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