Rat poison plot: Chinese wife cooks up devious plan to bid husband adieu

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In a tale of marital mischief, a Chinese wife with no ‘rats‘ to give about her marriage hatched a wicked scheme to oust her hardworking husband.

After consuming meals prepared by his wife, Zhang, a truck driver from Sichuan province in China, repeatedly fell ill with severe stomach pain. Despite the family eating the same meals, Zhang was the only one affected. His condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was hospitalised multiple times. A shocking discovery in his wife’s car – two boxes of rat poison – led to an investigation that confirmed the horrifying truth: Zhang’s wife had been poisoning him.

Zhang, who worked long hours driving a delivery truck, was a dedicated family man. Married to a woman with a child from a previous relationship, he readily accepted his stepchild and they later had two children of their own. His job required him to travel extensively, often leaving his wife to care for the children and manage the household.

In the autumn of 2021, after a long trip, Zhang returned home and began suffering from severe stomach pain after consuming meals his wife had prepared. Initially, doctors were unable to identify a clear cause. They suspected food poisoning and advised him to be careful with his food intake. Zhang was puzzled as he generally had a cautious diet. Further tests revealed small kidney stones, but they were too small to cause the intense stomach pain he was experiencing.

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Only a few days after his health improved, Zhang’s condition took a turn for the worse, this time with bloody urine. Fearing the worst, his wife rushed him back to the hospital, where doctors managed to stabilise him and revealed that he had consumed rat poison.

This alarming news puzzled Zhang, who had only been eating home-cooked meals prepared by his wife. Everyone else in the household had been consuming the same food without any health issues. Rat poison seemed an absurd explanation for his condition.

However, when he experienced similar symptoms after a second hospitalisation, Zhang decided to get a thorough health check at a larger hospital in Chengdu. During his trip, a tyre on his wife’s car burst. While searching in the boot for tools, he made a chilling discovery: two boxes of rat poison.

Police were quickly alerted and began an investigation. They collected evidence from the family’s dishes, utensils, and bowls, all of which tested positive for traces of rat poison. Their inquiries also revealed that Zhang’s wife had purchased rat poison on several occasions.

The police tracked down Zhang’s wife, who confessed to poisoning her husband. She claimed that she was tired of her monotonous married life and had started an affair. She wanted a divorce, but when Zhang refused and reacted violently, she decided to poison him.

After each poisoning, she regretted her actions, fearing that she might kill her husband. So, she took him to the emergency room. Despite being poisoned three times, Zhang survived to tell the tale and his wife was sentenced to three years in prison for her actions, reported Sanook.

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