Sabak Bernam plan attracts RM1.9bn investment for northern Selangor development

The Sabak Bernam Development Area (Sabda) plan has the potential to attract RM1.9 billion in investments for the development of northern Selangor, particularly in the district, according to Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari. He stated that the six development projects, which cover 1,317 hectares, are expected to create 3,600 high-income jobs for local residents.

The projects include the Smart Selangor Agro Park in Changkat Menteri, a high-tech fisheries centre in Sekinchan, the Air Manis business centre, Sabak Bernam rest and recreation facilities, agrotourism promotion in Sekinchan and surrounding areas, and the construction of a one-stop centre for building and maintaining boats and fishing vessels in Sungai Lang. Amirudin Shari explained that these projects could act as enablers and catalysts for Sabda’s development, bringing in an estimated RM1.9 billion in investments, or around RM248 million per year.

“If these six projects become enablers and catalysts for the development of Sabda, we estimate that they will bring investments of around RM1.9 billion, which is about RM248 million a year,” he said at Sabda’s introduction ceremony here today.

He also mentioned that Sabda’s development is anticipated to boost economic activities in Sabak Bernam, making it comparable to other developed areas within the state.

In other news, Amirudin Shari, who also serves as the Selangor Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman, stated that negotiations on the distribution of the 56 Selangor State Legislative Assembly (DUN) seats between PH and Barisan Nasional for the upcoming state election are 95% complete. The remaining two or three seats require further discussion.

“This shows our smoothness in the division of seats in northern Selangor, which is said to be the stronghold of Perikatan Nasional. So, I think there is great potential to win,” he added.

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