Reckless tenant sparks outrage in Nanjing after throwing fridge from 23rd Floor

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A tenant in Nanjing, China, sparked public outrage after he threw a refrigerator from the 23rd floor of his apartment building because his landlord increased his rent. The dangerous act did not result in any injuries, but it left local residents shocked and furious.

The incident occurred on Friday, April 28 when the man engaged in a confrontation with his property agent over rental disputes and an eviction notice, Sanook reported.

To release his anger, the tenant decided to throw a heavy refrigerator out of his apartment window, causing alarm among nearby residents. Police were quick to arrest the man after receiving reports from the public. When the angry tenant was taken out of the building, a large group of locals surrounded and assaulted him, accusing him of “attempted murder.” The local police have since registered this case as a criminal matter.

The footage of the alarming event spread online, sparking heated discussions among netizens who heavily criticised the tenant’s behaviour.

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“Luckily, no one was hurt. If it had hit someone from that height.”

“This is attempted murder. The person on the upper floor nearly killed innocent people on the lower floor.”

“Even if you’ve never hurt anyone, you might be judged by others. This is terrible.”

“Why did he want to kill innocent people downstairs?”

“It’s impossible not to think that a falling refrigerator could have killed someone.”

“He only cares about himself, his own happiness, and ultimate selfishness.”

The refrigerator incident has led to increased scrutiny of such acts and their potential consequences, which could have easily turned fatal for residents, or other tenants in the building or passers-by below. Local authorities have taken swift action to ensure this type of behaviour is dealt with accordingly and that the tenant responsible for this reckless act is held accountable.

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