Prince Harry testifies in court, exposes media’s illegal tactics

Prince Harry’s recent court appearance has attracted significant media attention, as the Duke of Sussex took to the witness stand to share his experiences with the press. This marked a rare occasion where a senior royal, and son of the King, subjected himself to cross-examination in a court of law – an event that has not occurred since Edward VII’s testimony in 1891.

In his witness statement, Prince Harry outlined his mission to change the way the media operates, citing his firsthand experiences with the press using illegal means to obtain stories. He claimed that these stories played a disruptive role throughout his life, and that their impact was profound.

The court heard how the press had typecast Prince Harry, and how the resulting tropes and stereotypes influenced his behavior. He also spoke about the hurtful and cruel rumours regarding James Hewitt being his father.

Prince Harry criticised journalists who did not testify and editors who allegedly turned a blind eye to phone hacking. Piers Morgan’s name was mentioned multiple times, with Harry asserting that he and Meghan have faced horrific personal attacks and intimidation from Morgan due to the claim against the Mirror.

Despite his privileged position, Prince Harry stressed that he has never been allowed much privacy, claiming that nothing was “off limits.” He chose to appear in court and remained calm throughout the proceedings. The Duke of Sussex believes that exposing what he perceives as criminal activity is in the public’s interest, stating in his witness statement, “We will be better off for it.”

Although Prince Harry’s lawyers are reportedly pleased with the first day of proceedings, the Duke will face more questioning in the days to come. A special programme, “Harry in Court,” will air on Sky News at 9pm.

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