Porsche sales in Thailand roaring thanks to nation’s entrepreneurs

Porsche Thailand managing director reckons the roaring sales of his luxury car in the kingdom is a combination of the nation’s budding entrepreneurs and modern technology.

Peter Rohwer revealed Thailand is second to only Norway in the world for electrified Porsche Cayenne vehicles.

Last year, 70% of the vehicles Porsche sold in Thailand were hybrid-powered Cayenne SUVs, reported Bangkok Post. Porsche sales in 2021 were also a record in the kingdom, which jumped from 670 cars sold in 2020 to 1,500.

Rohwer attributes much of the success down to modern technology.

“In the past Porsches might have been expensive sports cars to buy, but today new technology such as hybrids and EVs has helped to bring the prices down (due to special tax breaks).

“Thailand is Porsche’s largest market in South East Asia, and the second best market in the world (after Norway) for electrified Porsche Cayenne vehicles, which is a big achievement.”

Porsche enjoyed increased sales globally, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the semi-conductor crisis. Last year 301,915 vehicles were delivered worldwide, an increase of 11% while sales in Asia-Pacific markets surged by a record 51%, with sales of the Taycan EV doing particularly well.

Earlier this year Porsche started CKD assembly of the Cayenne in Malaysia, which has helped to lower retail pricing by up to 30% in Malaysia.

Rohwer says that Porsche is seriously looking at the South East Asian countries, which promise a large customer base as well as investment opportunities, particularly in resources needed for manufacturing EV batteries.

Rohwer reported that Porsche buyers in Thailand are getting younger and 35% of purchases are made by women.

“In the past, the average age of Porsche buyers was 55 years old but today it has dropped to 42, which means that there are a lot more customers out there. Entrepreneurs are becoming younger and they like a strong image when it comes to the cars they drive.”

Rohwer also made known that second-hand or nearly new Porsches are popular in Thailand.

“Used Porsches are also available for 2-3 million baht, such as the Macan or Cayenne. The 718 is the entry model and if you can afford a used one, it will be your entry into the Porsche world.”

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