Man returns for bag with meth pills he left at restaurant

PHOTO: Man arrested after returning to restaurant for the bag of meth he left. (via หนังสือพิมพ์รายวัน.สยามประชา)

We’ve all done it, on our way home from a meal out when we realize that we left something on the table at the restaurant, such as takeaway leftovers or an umbrella. Sometimes we turn the car around and go back, sometimes we shrug it off and consider it a loss. One man in Chon Buri probably should have taken this one as a loss, as he was arrested after returning to a restaurant to pick up the bag of meth pills he left there.

A chicken and rice restaurant in the Nong Chak subdistrict called the Ban Bueng Police around 1.30am yesterday. He reported a bag was left by a customer. He said that a male customer drove off on a motorbike after eating dinner, leaving his bag on the table. Worried about what he might find inside, the cautious owner made a video as he opened the bag, according to The Pattaya News.

When some volunteer police arrived, dressed in plain clothes, they found five meth pills inside the bag. They were calling for police backup when the bag owner walked into the restaurant, grabbed the bag and tried to sneak away unnoticed.

Police noticed and asked to search him. The 28 year old man from Amnat Charoen tried to talk his way out of it, perhaps thinking that police suspected he was a thief. He explained he had forgotten his belongings earlier and he just came to pick up his important bag.

Then he made a dash for it. Police were able to catch up and overtake him and confiscated the bag containing the meth pills. He was taken into custody and transported to the Ban Bueng Police. According to the police, the man said that he had taken three meth pills and was so high that he forgot his bag with the rest of his drugs inside the restaurant.

The man was then charged with driving under the influence of illegal drugs and illegal drug possession. Meth pills can now be purchased for as low as 2 baht each.

Pattaya News

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