Noel Gallagher: Divorce-inspired album helps healing process

Noel Gallagher has revealed that creating his latest album played a significant role in helping him cope with his recent divorce. In January this year, Gallagher and Sara MacDonald announced their decision to divorce after 22 years of marriage. The renowned former Oasis guitarist explained that he often seizes upon personal life events that he can express, as they tend to result in “better art.”

Gallagher shared with The Sun: “Divorce is a long, drawn-out process, so it affects the mood of the album, for sure. When you’re an artist, you write about what you know, and I don’t really have much to say about life in general, as I don’t really give a f*** about most things I see on the news. So when things happen in your life that you can articulate, I tend to jump on them, and it makes for better art and it helps you come to terms with it.”

Gallagher and MacDonald first met in 2000 while he was still married to Meg Matthews, whom he divorced in January 2001. Following their separation announcement, Gallagher and MacDonald emphasised that their children, Donovan and Sonny, would remain their top priority. A spokesperson for the couple issued a statement at the time, saying, “Noel and Sara will together continue to look after their children who remain their priority. Noel and Sara ask the media to respect their privacy and that of our family at this time.”

In a separate interview earlier this year, the Gallagher brothers hinted at a potential Oasis reunion. Noel suggested that they should “get his people to call my people” after his brother Liam reignited hope for a reunion by responding to a fan on Twitter that “it’s happening.” The brothers have been involved in a heated sibling rivalry since they rose to fame in the mid-90s, which has persisted even after the band’s break-up in 2009.

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