Much of Australian state under water as 200,000 people ordered to flee flood

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A devastating storm that started last week has killed 13 people so far in the Australian state of New South Wales. Emergency services have ordered 200,000 people to flee, warning of dangerous wind and rain across 400 kilometres of the coast. A meteorologist predicts there will be 50-150 milimetres of rain in and around Sydney, which he warned will cause ‘life-threatening’ flashfloods. A New South Wales premier said the floods were overwhelming much of the state.

“Many people are waking up today to see much of our state underwater”.

Scientists say climate change is worsening Australia’s floods, brushfires, cyclones, and droughts. The meteorologist said this recent storm was caused by a long stream of airborne moisture. Zoos are preparing for injured wildlife, particularly of baby animals who can’t escape the flood. A zoo spokesman told AFP rain can waterlog birds’ wings so they can’t fly. He also said the zoo was worried about enchidnas and bandicoots.

The New South Wales premier said the state is sending an extra 400 personnel to help people, and it will be a “very, very long road” to recovery.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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