Married man murdered and dismembered mistress in Japan

A Japanese man allegedly murdered and dismembered his mistress | Photo via Facebook

A gruesome murder has shocked Japan after the dismembered body of a 33 year old single mother, Ayumi Ito, was discovered in the home of a married man with whom she was allegedly having an affair.

Ito’s body parts were found on the balcony of the suspect’s home as well as more parts in his car. Police believe 31 year old Yuki Tsuchiya committed the murder on February 21. He was arrested for the crime on Feb 23.

The incident took place on the south coast of Japan in Shizuoka prefecture. Media in Japan reported details of the crime yesterday. They cited unnamed sources for the details shared.

Tsuchiya allegedly confessed to attacking Ito in her car. He struck her with a blunt object before using a cord to strangle her to death. The alleged murderer then brought her lifeless body into his home where he dismembered her. He reportedly lives in the home with his wife, two young children and his elderly father.

Neighbours in the city of Numazu said they heard suspicious noises coming from the home of the man, who had been working since 2020 as an advisor for the insurance company Manulife. One neighbour in his 60s told reporters that on the night of the 20th or 21st he heard “rattling and banging” noises coming from the home.

The victim’s car was found ditched just 230 metres away from where she was murdered and dismembered in a carpark near the suspect’s home. She lived about a two-hour drive from there, in the city of Iwata, some 130km away.

According to reports, Tsuchiya is believed to have met Ito in 2022 when they were both members of a committee that contributes to the development of Shizuoka prefecture.

This incident comes just days after police in Hong Kong found the headless body of socialite Abby Choi in a village house. The home in Tai Po had been rented by her ex-husband’s father recently. The 28 year old model was reported missing on Tuesday. Parts of her dismembered body were found to have been cooked and stored in a refrigerator after her murder.

Police just discovered her skull in a cooking pot. Four people have been charged in connection with her murder, including Choi’s former husband, former brother-in-law, former father-in-law and former mother-in-law. The mistress of Choi’s former father-in-law has also been arrested.


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