Man discovers wife’s affair on leisurely stroll

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In a turn of unexpected events, a man out on a leisurely stroll in China’s Jiangsu province discovered his wife’s affair when he caught her hand in hand with another man. The husband’s shock was intensified when he found out the man was introduced to his wife by his mother in law, reported online portal Sohu.

The husband initially thought that the stranger was uninformed about his wife’s marital status. However, he quickly realised this was not the case as the man hastily let go of the wife’s hand and fled the scene. Following the unexpected sighting, the husband, filled with fury, decided to record the incident and posted it on social media.

Meanwhile, the wife reached out to her mother for aid through a phone call, hoping she could mediate the situation. The husband, on the other hand, chastised his wife saying she was shameless, reported Sanook.

The revelation that his mother in law had orchestrated the introduction of the mystery man to his wife was a brutal blow. The other man was a workmate from the same company where his wife worked.

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The conclusion of this incident remains uncertain. However, it sparked vigorous debates on the internet, with numerous netizens expressing their various opinions on the matter. O

“I’ve never seen someone so brazen. Not only is she not hiding, but she’s also dating in broad daylight.”

Another speculated on the motive of the mother-in-law, suggesting…

“All parents wish for their children’s happiness. If the mother in law intentionally introduced another man to her daughter, is it because she knew her son-in-law is not good and can’t make her daughter happy?”

Another said…

“No matter what the reason, having an extramarital affair before a legal separation is wrong.”

In other news, an incident happened at a wedding, in which the groom was thrown by his friends in a joyful gesture. However, this action led to the groom colliding with the ground and becoming unconscious and unresponsive.

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