Malaysian maritime agency urges life jacket use after boat tragedy

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Tawau Maritime Zone has issued a reminder to the public, particularly fishermen, to use life jackets while on boats. This comes after a recent boat sinking tragedy near Sebatik Island, where passengers were found not wearing life jackets, resulting in a fatality.

Maritime Captain Shahrizan Raman emphasised the importance of life jackets for safety and reducing accidents in the waters. He expressed concern about the recent incident in Sungai Melayu, where a man lost his life due to not wearing a life jacket. The victim, Abdul Rahim Kasil, 56 years old, went missing after the boat he and his wife Nurlina Aripin, 52 years old, were on collided with a submerged object and sank. Nurlina survived the incident with a leg injury. Abdul Rahim’s body was found 200 metres from the scene on the second day of the search and rescue operation, which involved authorities and local residents.

Captain Shahrizan also mentioned that between January and May 31 this year, the MMEA Tawau Maritime Zone had made 23 arrests for various offences, including those under the Control of Supplies Act, the Immigration Act, and the Fisheries Act.

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