Tragic accident in Phayao: Police officer critically injured after truck brake failure

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Yesterday, a serious road accident occurred in Phayao province in northern Thailand, leading to a police officer being critically injured. The accident occurred when a 10-wheeled truck lost control due to brake failure, colliding with a checkpoint and hitting the officer.

The truck, driven by 62 year old Chum, was travelling from Wang Nuea district in Lampang province towards the Mae Ka intersection in Phayao’s Mueang district. At approximately 6.25pm, as the truck approached the checkpoint located near the Agricultural Technology College on the Phayao-Wang Nuea road, the brakes failed. Unable to stop, the truck hit a traffic light, the checkpoint, and collided with Police Lance Corporal Nattanai Arayakul, who was on duty at the time.

The impact of the collision left Nattanai critically injured, and unconscious with multiple brain bleeds. Emergency services rushed him to Phayao University Hospital. Additionally, a passing Isuzu car suffered damage to its rearview mirror on the driver’s side, reported KhaoSod.

Following the incident, authorities seized the truck and detained Chum, charging him with reckless driving resulting in serious injury and damage to government property. This unfortunate event has once again highlighted the importance of vehicle maintenance and road safety.

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In related news, a devastating accident occurred involving a 33 year old lorry driver who lost his life when his 18-wheel truck, loaded with 20 tonnes of utility poles, lost its brakes and crashed on the longstanding slope in Sankhla Buri, Kanchanaburi. Police officer Thara Nawanich, from Sankhla Buri Police Station, was alerted to the incident and immediately rushed to the scene with medical staff and volunteers from the Pitakkan Foundation.

The accident took place near a dangerous mountain descent known as Nuern Yaow, approximately 20 kilometres from the heart of Sankhla Buri. The truck, bearing the licence plate 89-7360 from Nakhon Pathom, was scattered with utility poles that had been transported. To read more click HERE

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