Little girl asks her aunt to sleep with her father, leaving family speechless

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An endearing conversation between a young girl and her aunt caused a stir on social media due to the child’s candid and unexpected request. The incident took place in Hubei Province, China, in a primary school-aged girl’s home when the family welcomed the girl’s mother’s older sister for a visit.

The youngster and her aunt had been enjoying each other’s company when bedtime approached. As the aunt prepared to leave, the girl suddenly grabbed her aunt’s hand and said…

“Auntie, why don’t you stay here and sleep with my father since he doesn’t like me very much?”

Hearing the girl’s innocent words, everyone present was taken aback and didn’t understand why she would say such a thing. The aunt found humour in the situation, finding it hard to restrain her laughter despite her confusion. The aunt playfully said…

“Does your mother know about this?”

The ensuing conversation between the aunt and her niece left the girl’s parents speechless as her explanation revealed her reasoning.

According to the young girl, her aunt and father were the two people she liked the most, enjoying spending time with them. On the other hand, her mother was often stern, which made the girl feel distant and unhappy. In addition, she had witnessed her parents arguing frequently and felt that their shared sleeping arrangement despite the discord made them unhappy. The girl perceived her mother unfairly disliked her father and therefore wanted her favourite aunt to sleep with her beloved father instead.

This innocent conversation underscores the importance of parents considering the needs and feelings of their children while navigating the challenges and complexities of family life, reports Sanook.

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