MFP leader reaches out to Pheu Thai for coalition government

Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat wasted no time after the Election Commission (EC) unofficially confirmed the MFP’s victory in the General Election in Thailand.

The MFP chief immediately reached out to the Pheu Thai Party and four other smaller political parties to form a coalition government. Pita believes that a six-party coalition will command a combined 309 seats in the House of Representatives, securing a majority for the coalition to move forward.

The 42 year old said…

“We are confident that we will secure a majority for the coalition to move forward.”

Pita added that he wants to form the coalition as soon as possible to avoid a political vacuum and prevent a possible counter-move by parties in the current ruling coalition, reported Thai PBS.

According to the unofficial count by the EC, the MFP has won 151 House seats in the General Election – 112 constituencies and 39 party-list. Pheu Thai trails with 141.

Pita wasted no time in phoning Paetongtarn Shinawatra, a prime ministerial candidate of Pheu Thai, this morning to invite the main opposition party to join MFP in forming a coalition, along with the Prachachat, Seri Ruam Thai, Thai Sang Thai, and Pentham parties.

Pita said that there is no need to include parties which are part of the current ruling coalition and hopes that the will of the majority of the people will be respected. However, under the current Constitution, the 250 senators will have a say in electing the prime minister. Pita will need support from at least 376 MPs and senators combined to be elected prime minister.

The executive committee of the MFP will meet today to discuss the steps to be taken in forming the coalition. Later in the evening, the party will hold a victory celebration in Bangkok to thank voters for their support.

This victory for the MFP marks the end of nine years of military rule in Thailand and paves the way for a new government that represents the will of the people.

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