Italy bars tourists from Singapore until late-January over Covid risk

Venice Grand Canal, Italy. Photo/ Dan Novac (

Singaporeans can no longer travel to Italy for sightseeing starting today as the Italian embassy in Singapore has added Singapore and Brunei to a list of nations with a greater risk of Covid-19 infections.

Travellers from both nations are now only permitted to enter Italy for job, health, or study purposes, or to return home in an emergency. Certain exemptions may be allowed with a mandatory 10-day quarantine for citizens of a European Union member state or those who have a partner staying in Italy.

However, they will be free to go to other places via Italy’s airports as long as they do not leave specified zones within the airports. The new restrictions are about to take effect till January 31 next year. The decision by Italy to exclude Singaporeans is the biggest setback yet for those hoping to go to nations in the VTL system without having to worry about quarantine since October 19.

SOURCE: The Straits Times

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