Hanoi man discovers he’s not the father of his son after wife’s slip

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A 45 year old man from Hanoi, Vietnam, working for a government agency, has been left reeling after a DNA test revealed he is not the biological father of his 10 year old son. The shocking discovery came to light following an inadvertent comment made by his wife during a heated argument.

The man, known by the pseudonym Nguyen, has juggled multiple jobs to provide a comfortable life for his family. However, a recent domestic dispute led him to question the paternity of his son after his 40 year old wife, referred to as Huong, let slip a telling remark amid their quarrel.

Unlike Nguyen’s hardworking nature, Huong, described as an independent spirit, has consistently shown a tendency towards laziness. Disagreements frequently arose from her neglect of household responsibilities and her preoccupation with gambling and lottery pursuits. Over time, these conflicts escalated, making it increasingly difficult for the couple to find common ground.

The situation peaked last month when Huong brought her lottery group home to celebrate a win. One of the men in the group embraced her and congratulated the beautiful lady on her lottery success. This event raised questions in the mind of their young son, known as Binh, who began to inquire about the meaning of winning the lottery and the nature of such games.

Despite Nguyen’s anger over his wife’s actions, he remained composed, cautioning her about the consequences of gambling and pleading with her to stop playing the lottery. Huong, however, remained silent, disregarding his pleas, reported Sanook.

The following evening, Huong returned home in a foul mood, claiming that her lottery win was the reason for her irritability. Attempting to calm the situation, Nguyen took their son out of the room before returning to engage in a serious discussion with his wife. The conversation quickly escalated into a fierce argument, culminating in Huong’s tearful outburst.

“The child is mine, not yours. You have no right to keep him.”

Wife affair

Stunned by his wife’s words, Nguyen, who had devoted himself to raising their son, was overcome with emotion and slapped Huong in a fit of anger. The following day, Huong left the house and did not return. Nguyen, still upset by her words, clung to the hope that her admission was made in anger. Nevertheless, the close relationship between Huong and a man from the lottery group led Nguyen to suspect an illicit affair.

Determined to uncover the truth, Nguyen took his and his son’s hair samples to the Hanoi Centre for Genetic Technology and Testing for a paternity test. The results, which indicated no biological relationship, left him nearly unhinged. A subsequent test using his son’s nail confirmed the genetic disparity.

Upon receiving the test results, Nguyen confronted Huong over the phone. She confessed to a secret relationship with a man named Khuong from the lottery group and that Binh was the result of that affair.

The director of the Hanoi Centre for Genetic Technology and Testing, aware of the couple’s plight, asked Nguyen if he still loved the boy despite not being his biological father.

“The child is innocent. As for that heartless woman, I’ve decided to divorce her and devote all my attention to my son’s future, sparing him from her detrimental influence.”

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