Wedding woe: Indonesian groom’s big reveal – bride or bro?

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An Indonesian groom’s life turned upside down just 12 days after his wedding when he discovered his bride was a man in disguise. This revelation has sent shockwaves across social media in Indonesia, highlighting the elaborate ruse that fooled not only the groom but also his family and friends.

The couple met on Instagram last year when AK, a 26 year old man, fell in love with a user presenting herself as Adinda Kansa Asahara. After almost a year of dating, AK proposed, and the couple wed on April 12 in AK’s village in West Java. They had a modest ceremony with a dowry of a 5-gramme gold piece, though they did not officially register their marriage.

Suspicion arose shortly after the wedding as the bride consistently refused to meet with relatives and locals and avoided consummating the marriage with AK. These suspicious behaviours led AK’s family to investigate, uncovering a shocking truth.

The family’s inquiries revealed that the entire affair was a deception. The bride’s parents were still alive, albeit elderly, and the bride was a man named Erik, who had disguised himself as a woman, wearing Muslim women’s clothing and a hijab to avoid detection.

AK’s family, feeling betrayed and humiliated, viewed Erik’s actions as fraudulent. They reported the matter to the police, and Erik was apprehended. He confessed that his motive was financial gain.

AK’s father recounted how AK had introduced his fiancée after meeting her on Instagram, reported KhaoSod.

“She told us that her parents had passed away when we asked about her family. We didn’t suspect anything because she was always so modestly dressed.

“The deceit was convincing, especially when she wore makeup. She looked just like a woman, even her voice was slightly high-pitched.”

The investigation head stated that the man admitted to targeting victims for their money, always receiving funds whenever he asked.

“Erik is now charged under Criminal Code Article 378, facing up to four years in prison.”

In related news, last year a 23 year old Indonesian woman was left stunned when she discovered her prospective husband, whom she had known for two years, was a woman. The two had met on social media and were residents of the same town. They decided to marry after dating for two years, and a ceremony was held in a village in West Java, Indonesia.

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